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Affordable Legal Services for Small & Medium Businesses

Dr Glenn Wylie - MBA, DBA, QinstPA

Senior Director

"At Surrey Hills Legal Services we strive to provide affordable and professional services to local small and medium sized business. As most of our services are provided online and all of our fees are agreed in advance we offer our clients a very competitive and cost effective solution to Employment Law and HR issues. We also offer a FREE 30 minute consultation to understand how your issues can be resolved"

We are based in the Surrey Hills, and we assist local small and medium sized businesses in solving Employment and Human Resources related issues. We specialise in working with small to medium sized businesses and individual clients on a friendly and personal basis.

We work on the basis of fixed costs for all of our services so that our clients know what and how much they will pay without any unexpected costly charges. This means that we will agree a price with you before we start any work, and we guarantee there will be no hidden costs.